Sunday, August 24, 2008

Momma, they call him Pizza. No, honey they have English accents. They're saying Peter.

Isn't it funny how we hear things so differently? It's like that telephone game when everyone gets all the words messed up. We really do have to be careful what we say and how we say it. E-mail is not always the best way to communicate. It cannot take the place of the phone! When I write e-mails I write them as if I were talking to the person and I hear myself saying it how I would be saying it if they were standing right next to me. But they can't hear me so what sounds good in my head can really be a disaster in print. I e-mailed an old friend and when Davey read what I wrote he thought I sounded really harsh. But write, "Just stand there." and say it in your head, softly, as if you're looking at your darling and engraving their image in your mind before you are apart for several days. Now write it again and think of it as an overwhelmed mother trying to dress an uncooperative child. "Just stand there." You see. So if I wrote it softly and they read it motherly, well there you go. So, I want all of my loved ones to know that if I ever write "I love you" it doesn't mean I want to marry you (very happily married, thank you), if I ever write "What happened?!" it doesn't mean I'm mad. Believe me if I'm mad you won't say "She sounds kind of mad." or "She must be upset with me." You will absolutely know without a doubt that I'm mad or hurt. I'll tell you. Because in print, without the voice to go with it, you just never know for sure. By the way, I love you and I'm not mad at you.

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