Friday, September 19, 2008

Momma, he's not being cooplative.

When I heard Brody scream "Momma" I went running to his bedroom and there he was diapering his stuffed Mickey Mouse on his bed. There was a pile of wipes on the floor and the diaper that I had put on Mickey months ago was nowhere in sight. "What's the trouble, sir?" I asked Brody and that's when he said it. "Momma, he's not being cooplative." I looked at Mickey, an inanimate object, and in my adult, logical mind thought the obvious. Why won't Mickey lift his buns? He's just laying there ignoring the instructions of my son? What is his problem!?! Of course, I stifled my laugh and helped Brody with the diaper. "Where's the old one, babe?" "I put it the Diaper Genie!" "Oh, okay."

Jump to the next day. There he is again, after sitting Mickey on the potty (unused) chair, putting a fresh diaper on him. This time, I guess I blinked when he did it, but Mickey lifted his buns because Brody said, "Lift your buns. Good buoy. There you go." "Here son, let me take the old one for you." "It's okay, Momma I can handle it." Then it struck me. Doesn't Brody realize how frustrating it is when he doesn't listen to me just the same way Mickey gave him the silent treatment the day before? Shouldn't he get it now? But then the thought struck me that I must do that to God all the time. How often do we lay there and not lift our buns when God is telling us to, "Do what needs to be done. I'm telling you what to do. Get off your buns now, do it." Some of us ignore Him; some of us don't know how to listen. Some of us don't know how to do what
He wants us to do and some of us aren't sure that what we thought we were told to do is really what we should be doing if things didn't go the way we thought they would. Can we only "handle it" when things go smoothly? Do we yell when things don't go the way we think they should? Probably, yes. But God always has a plan and those are the times when we can call on our Father and he will come running. He will always be there for us.

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  1. Too true, too true! BTW - yes, he stood on his brother's head because he is a boy! They most definitely think different than girls! I've 3 of each - hands down - WAY different!