Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"My throat hurts when I spit at it."

"You mean swallow?", I said. Brody insisted that he must wear pajamas today, all day, because he had a sore throat. Amazing how it cleared up when he wanted to go outside and blow bubbles. Brody, with his little brother in tow, set out to catch bubbles with his teeth. He caught one. When he decided that his teeth weren't the best option he promptly switched to barbecue tongs. Rhys, wanting to be like his big brother, grabbed the closest match to barbecue tongs, a rubber mallet. Of course, the tongs being too tight to be effective, Brody quickly abandoned that idea too. Rhys let go the mallet. Lo and behold he finally found the perfect thing. My little boys danced with glee catching bubbles with their hands. Imagine that!

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