Thursday, April 23, 2009

"You can't go up the stairs with your hands. Just your feet."

Brody was so right! I should never have tried that. Well, some things work and some things don't, right? I told you about some sites I was using to get free samples. Let me refresh your memory:

Freeflys says "Cheap is good but free is better!" Today I requested a Free Sample of Quaker® Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond True Delights! Sounds yummy! They also have soooo many categories to choose from and will send you e-mails to remind you that you need to get more free stuff. I just joined another one today called Shop4Freebies that had a lot of good stuff for free. I ordered hair care products and rice cake samples and GoodNites which will come in handy for my 3 year old. I also requested a potty training DVD that has songs and stuff to make going potty fun!!! Is that possible? I guess I'll find out when it comes. I'll share some more ways to save money and earn gift certificates next time.

Well, these sites worked great. So, I got the Quaker® Mini Delights in Chocolatey Drizzle. It's a 90 calorie snack pack and oh, so good! I was pouring every little last crumb into my mouth. You've gotta try them!!! Unfortunately, the GoodNites® didn't work out so well. They leaked. And they were boxer style! Hellllo. What? I guess my son didn't complain but I can't see that wearing big paper shorts is very comfortable. I am right now this very minutes licking a Quaker® Simple Harvest All Natural Multigrain Chewy Granola Bar (could they have made the name any longer?) out of my teeth. I kinda want to know what happened to the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond True Delights. Nevertheless, it was tasty but a little too sweet for me. That said, I can pronounce everything on the label!! I just received the Huggies® Pull-Ups potty training DVD so I'll let you know how fun they make going potty! I can hardly wait.

I said I would get back to telling you about more ways to save money and earn gift certificates. So, my favorite website site for earning gift certificates so far is MyPoints. Here's how it works. Become a member for free (duh!) then go shopping! So, if you want to buy from Old Navy then go to MyPoints and click on SHOP, look through the hundreds of stores until you find Old Navy (or you could do it the easy way and put Old Navy in the search line....boooorrrrriiiiing!). Click on the store name and it takes you straight to their website. Right now they are offering 4 points per dollar at Old Navy and that is on top of the sale prices you will find on the website. Every store has different point rewards and they have so many fabulous stores. FAO Schwarz, Sephora, Gap, Home Depot, Banana Republic, Apple Store, Avon, Babies 'R' Us, Barnes and Noble, Bath & Body Works, Bose, Cheaptickets, Leap Frog, Lord and Taylor, Priceline, I mean I could go on forever! When you make your purchase through the MyPoints website the points are credited to your MyPoints account. They will also send you offers for bonus points and you will earn 5 points for every e-mail you read. The offers are always different but they are always great. I've been thinking about sponsoring a child through Christian Children's Fund for a long time. I put things to the back of my mind to bring up to my hubby and then I always forget. Well, I got an e-mail from MyPoints and the offer was for CCF! They were offering 750 points to sponsor a child. I finally remembered to speak with my husband and I got a 755 point reward (remember 5 points to click through the e-mail) for something I was going to do anyway! I am a very forgetful girl and hardly ever remember to go to MyPoints first. So, I'll go to Old, place an order and then remember that I would have earned points for it. UGH! Well, even with my forgetful brain I have earned 3 gift cards worth $50 each. Just for clicking a button in an e-mail!! Now, redeem your points for gift cards by clicking on REWARDS. Again, you can choose from some great stores like Old Navy (shocker!) and Kohl's and , oh, I don't know just a ton of stores!! You can also earn points by playing games but I haven't tried that yet. When you sign up be sure to refer your friends because when your friend joins and earns 250 points then you'll get 250 points too. Now who wouldn't want 250 points extra? So, if you want to sign up and help me get extra points then leave me a comment with your e-mail and I'll refer you. If, you don't want to help me get extra points :( you should still sign up yourself. Free money people!!

Oh, and no I didn't really try to go up the stairs with my hands. I have no idea why Brody said that. He must've been considering the idea.

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