Thursday, June 18, 2009

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is most definitely a Disneyfied Zoo but to me that’s all it is. It is the hottest of all the parks temperature-wise having very little shade and even less of a breeze. It’s the park to be missed if you’re going to miss one, in my opinion. But then we are full of zoos and botanical parks in SoCA. The only true highlight of this park for me was the DinoLand USA area!! They have an attraction comparable to Mulholland Madness in Disney’s California Adventure called Primeval Whirl. SO MUCH FUN!!! The difference is that the cars spin as it goes on the track and MM does not. Big difference!

The last time I was there Expedition: Everest was closed so I have not been on that one. Some have said that this is Matterhorn but if you ask an Imagineer, Everest is a completely different mountain and the track is similar to Disneyland's Indiana Jones and the Temple of hte Forbidden Eye. Oh, they will also say it is a Yeti on the attraction and not the Abominable Smowman. Umm, aren’t they the same thing?

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