Thursday, June 18, 2009

Walt Disney World Resorts

I've had some people asking me questions about Walt Disney World. I recently posted comments on another blog and decided to post them here. There is so much to say about this incredible and truly magical place! These posts however are short and don't go into detail. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask and I'll be happy to answer!!

"While I love Disneyland, if you’re comparing the resorts themselves then it’s WDW all the way, hands down, make no mistake about it, waaaaaaayy better! WDW is comprised of four theme parks, two water parks and over 23 resort hotels. Disneyland Resort is comprised of two theme parks and three resort hotels. ‘Nuff said?

If you’re going to compare WDW’s Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Resort’s Disneyland, Downtown Disney in either CA or FL, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s California Adventure respectively then that is where the ONLY comparisons can be made. Even then there really is not much that is comparable. We’ll start with Downtown. Florida’s is a village of shopping and California’s is a promenade. Florida’s includes Disney Quest Indoor Interactive Theme Park. 5 floors of every video game you could imagine and some you will have never even dreamed of. You can climb into a pirate ship and fight pirates on a giant surrounding screen and go whitewater rafting with a boat and paddles. You can even build your own roller coaster and ride in it! Then there’s La Nouba the only permanent Cirque du Soleil venue the east side of the Mississippi. California’s has some shopping and some dining. If my fellow California natives don’t hate me then follow along……"

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  1. I have never been there. I do want to go one day. My ex was thinking of making it a whole big outing so I could have time with my son and he could too, but we all would get to go. I am sure I can suck it