Thursday, October 29, 2009

When the crypt doors creek.....

Welcome foolish's time to Trick or Tweet! Check out the party here for prizes and a whole lot of fun all day long! Until 5 PM PST, for each tweep who can tell me (@ElsklingDyr) the name of Micah Gower's condtition using the #MicahGower hashtag I will donate 10 cents to the Micah Gower Foundation! On with the scavenger hunt!! Find the clue at the bottom for your chance to win a See's 1pound box of chocolates! The 13th tweet wins!!

I was going through some photos to see what I could do for a Halloween post and while these photos aren't necessarily from Halloween they do have a sense of creepines about them. These two photos are of my husband and myself the year we met working at Disneyland.

These here below are photos from our summer trip to Pennsylvania.
Can you see the ghosts in the haunted house or in the spooky tunnel?

Does anybody like spider webs?

We went deerspotting at midnight one night on the family farm. In an overgrown cluster of trees lies.......... Mother but why is there no date of death?

Can you see the Headless Horseman at the end of the tunnel?

Now here's your clue!
Look for the photo out of place,
Among those departed from life's long race,
Near you will find the words you seek
Meant to read and then to tweet.

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