Monday, December 7, 2009

Finding blessings in the impossible: Part 1

A couple of weeks ago my husband went missing. He's found and fine and lucky I didn't kill him. Once a month He teaches a phlebotomy class out of town. Usually, we all go and stay with family. This time I stayed home with the baby who was sick with a fever of 104. I was very sad not to be going. For one thing, I love staying with my in-laws! They are fabulous! For another, we were to attend a going away party for my closest friend who was moving completely across the country. My husband went to the party and left Brody with his parents. His mom told him, "Stay out as late as you want." Meanwhile, I expect a good night call before bed when we are apart from each other. At about 1:30 AM I checked the time and figured the party must be swinging along and I'd call him at 2AM. I was only a little concerned that he might be out too late since he had to be up early the next morning to teach. He never goes to bed past midnight when he's going to teach! Shortly after I checked the time I got a call from his mom wondering if I had heard from him. She tried calling but his cell phone went straight to voicemail. Also not weird because his battery doesn't usually last a full day. I told her I would check in with him at the party. I tried his phone first just in case but, of course, no answer. So I called my friend's phone. Imagine my surprise when I found out Dave had left the party at around 10PM and I woke my friend up with my call. We'll skip ahead a few hours. Filling out missing persons is NOT easy. So many questions you never thought you'd be asked unless someone is dead. Any scars? Dentist's phone number? Recent photo? Any enemies? Did you fight? Any friends in the area? Six people out in the middle of the night looking for my husband. He called at around 4AM. My first instinct after I knew he was okay was NOT to be thankful but to think, "He better have a really good reason for this." It wasn't. He had gone to a co-workers house to play video games. My anger didn't last very long. I had to realize that his safety was what I had been praying for over the past 3 hours. Now that I had the answer I wanted I was mad about it. I really needed to be thankful that he was safe. In the end I am actually grateful to Dave. For the first time, in a crisis, I remembered to turn to God. He kept me calm, focused and strong. A year ago I would have said a quick, "Please let him be okay." but not this time. I have learned so much this past year and been through many trials that have not only made me stronger but have realy developed my relationship with God. It's an amazing feeling! Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him". Dave didn't really do anything wrong having been allowed to not worry about rushing home to take care of Brody. But he should have called and paid more attention to the time since he was out so late. He learned something. Especially how much he is loved! I learned that there is no better place to turn than to God, who is ever reliable and faithful! I tell this story not to embarass or badmouth Dave but to show that out of awful circumstances we can all learn something. Especially me! And I have more peace than I've had before.

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