Monday, January 11, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole.....or not

Friday was a particularly difficult day with the boys and I just felt as though I needed a break. On Saturday my darling Dave said he'd watch the boys and I could go away for the day. So, I gathered a stack of books and magazines and started driving but had no idea where I should go. Then Vasquez Rocks came to mind. Reminded of when Jesus went to the mountains to pray, it sounded llike the perfect place. He escaped the pressing crowds for some peace and I needed the same from the daily pressures. Vasquez Rocks County Park is loaded with some pretty intriguing history, from bandits and hideouts to a highly filmed location. I decided to head the few miles down the road. I grabbed my In Touch Magazine and started walking. Of course, there are signs saying to stay on the trail but it was hard to tell what actually was the trail. Besides, paths are boring. Give me something unexplored and I'm there!! I know I ended up off the trail several times. (Oops!) I scared a rabbit out of the bushes accidentally and tried to follow but it quickly lost me. I stirred up a bevy of quail who took off in scurried flight. I climbed a few "mountains" and took some pictures that will give my sister a heart attack. I got lost once and kept the sound of the river (14 freeway) behind me knowing I would eventually end up back at the Famous Rocks. I eventually did end up there and climbed the highest one about halfway. It was very windy and my hair kept blowing in my eyes. All I needed was to fall off a cliff! So I sat there for awhile and read from my magazine. It's not a coincidence that this was one of the devotionals I read.
 Many of us have experienced times of abandonment just when we needed that other person the most. It could have been a spouse withdrawing emotionally, a co-worker who ignored us, or a close friend who seemed too busy to help. The life of the apostle Paul teaches us how not to become discouraged in these situations. Remember that the Lord is always with us. When we trust in Jesus as our personal Savior, we enter into a permanent relationship with Him, and His Spirit comes to live in us. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus remains with us at all times, regardless of the circumstance. He is our friend—one who will never leave us. And His is the most important friendship we have. Reading our Bible will help us to remember this.
Draw on God’s strength. Through the Holy Spirit, we have access to divine power every minute of the day. When we let go of control and depend on the Lord, we will be able to draw on His strength. Then, if family or friends cause hurt, His presence will provide comfort and help us to forgive them.
Look expectantly for God’s deliverance. Paul testified that the Lord had rescued him and would continue to deliver him from every evil situation. He knew he could always trust God.
Paul faced many painful situations without the support of friends. Toward the end of his life, those who cared about him were widely scattered. Yet his attitude remained hopeful because Christ was his constant Friend. Do you know the Savior? Are you aware of His presence throughout your day? In Touch Magazine Devotional by Charles Stanley
Climbing up in my Earth Footwear made it burn all the more!! The climb down wasn't so easy in tennis shoes but then it never is. Why, oh, why do I always wear tennies when I hike?! After my hike down I went into town and did a little shopping. My sister had told me of a cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld called Deceptively Delicious. A great cookbook with ideas on how to incorporate veggies into meals and your picky eaters won't even know it! I found mine at Big Lots! for $3 and they also had it at TJ Maxx for $7. It's a must for Mamavation moms because when you don't feel like eating a plain veggies, like me, then you can add a puree to almost anything and you're still getting you're veggies without gagging!! I had a great day off and felt renewed for the week ahead. Thanks Davey!! Muah!
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  1. Your day off sounds amazing. Let me know how you like that cookbook as you delve a little deeper into it. I'm very curious! Good luck to you this week!!

  2. I definitely need to try the veggie book for my daughter...ok, & me too. Good job on the hike!

  3. Those are some amazing pictures. I can't believe that is up there...well, actually I can cause I know how beautiful it is up there. Just reminds me of cowboy movies.

    I'm glad you were able to escape. I know how precious that is cause I barely get to either. :)XXOO

  4. I love Vasquez Rocks! When I was 9 my rotten sister and I went there for a day with my parents and the two of us decided to look for any gold robbers may have left behind in a hideout. We climbed a bunch of rocks and my sister had a hard time getting down one rock and slid down ripping her jeans and getting road rash on her butt. That was a great day! She is 6 years older than me and used to beat me up a lot, I will always love those rocks for that memory!!! LOL.

    I am really glad you had a day to enjoy the world on your own (and did not get road rash on your bottom).