Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mamavation Application

At the end of 2009 I followed along with the Mamavation Moms and lost 12 pounds! The biggest motivator for me was the support of the other moms involved and the accountability to the other moms. This is a wonderful group of women who are always there to lift you up. To quote the website, "Mamavation, brought to you by Earth Footwear & EA Sports Active, is a social experiment and weight loss campaign on Twitter. Mamavation, la play on mom and motivation, is an opportunity for two moms to change their lives and create a healthy lifestyle for their families. The Mamavation Moms will be supplied with a bonafide team of professionals. They will be challenged and encouraged for two months to make everlasting changes in their lives. And as goals are met throughout the campaign, prizes will be had.

Everyone can join the Mamavation family! You can follow along, read, witness, talk with, comment on, lose weight with, or just blog stalk the Mamavation campaign. We would love to have you along on the ride with us." Please go to for more info on how you can be involved. Part of the application process states:
"Show me that you already have support from your friends online. You will need to lean on them some days, so show me they exist and that you ALREADY have a network of friends that care about you. Have them tweet at me the following message, "Hey @bookieboo! I want @ElsklingDyr to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!" This step is important, because regardless of the outcome, EVERYONE knows you have made a step toward healthy living. Wether you make the final 5 or not, they will hold you to your pledge of wanting to live healthy."
Help me take another step toward a healthier life!!! Here is my application vlog and thank you all for your support!!


  1. You can SOOO do this! I'm very proud of you! Excited to have you on board and am behind you 100%. Question? What does your doc say about hydrating? how do you hydrate when you workout? I've been wondering this. what a challenge. You are a huge motivation for other my friend!

  2. Hey there! and good luck to you!

  3. Well, they have suggested that I drink water with lemon, cucumber or lime juice in it. I have not noticed that it makes a difference, however. Tea has also been suggested, which works fine for me. If it's caffeinated then you have to drink more to compensate. They have also said that your body knows when you need fluids and that's why you get thirsty so the 8 glasses a day is not true to be healthy. Some drink more and some drink less. While that may not be true for weight loss, you don't have to drown yourself to be healthy. While I was pregnant my OB/GYN said I should stick to diet soda. Juice has too much sugar in it, which is true for dieting as well. Yes, diet soda is not the best thing for the baby but if you're going to throw up then dehydration is worse! I drink club soda with some juice in it, tea, milk and the occasional soda. Most often I just don't drink unless it's a few sips while I'm eating. Until I started with Mamavation, that is, and now I make myself drink more often. It's still works out to about three glasses a day so it's something I still need to work on but it's two and half times more than I drank before!! There are times that I crave water and will drink it but I always pay for it and it never quenches my thirst.