Friday, January 1, 2010

Mamavation Here I Come!!

I did a video and everything today to apply for the next Mamavation campaign yet it seems I have been defeated before I even start. Despite the obstacle that may or may not lie in my path I am applying anyway. I may not win but I will have at least tried. Contrary to what is believed, excercise is what all my doctors have suggested for my problems. Whether or not I am accepted as an applicant I will forge ahead anyway. I have too often told myself I can't and others don't think I can either but I will prove all of us wrong. I CAN do this and I will. The fight might be tougher but I'm tired of being defeated at every turn. My health won't get the better of me once again. I won't let it rule me anymore!! So look for my vlog later this afternoon as I will be rerecording it!!

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