Monday, October 1, 2012


I missed last Monday and thought I might miss tonight but here I am! It's been crazy around here. We are closing escrow on a house this week so it's been full of paper signing, packing and all that good stuff. I didn't work out like I wanted to this week but the new house has a community gym and I excited about that! I was doing really good at keeping track of my foods but that fell by the wayside this week too. I talked to the trainers at my local YMCA and they have told me that I am not eating enough. I was following the suggestion of 1200 calories on My Fitness Pal and they said it was putting me into starvation mode so we upped it to 1580. Hopefully, that will help me out nut I am also considering Body by Vi. Does anyone know if it's a good, safe, healthy program to be on?

I am also busy with homeschooling my kids and attending college myself. I added something fun and relaxing to my schedule. Unfortunately, it's on Monday nights so I will be missing Mamavation TV until after Christmas. I used to be a Disneyland cast member and every year they have a fabulous Christmas Choir. I was in it when I worked and normally that the only in it but this year they opened it up to choir alumni. I am so excited to be involved in it again!!

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  1. How cool to have a community gym. Too little calories is almost as bad as too many calories ;)